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The Kings Community Action Group on Gambling’s (KCAGoG) purpose is to raise awareness of harms gambling causes in Kings County, and to influence the future of gambling in Kings County. We are not an anti-gambling organization. We want to reduce the harms that current policies create, and help people make informed decisions of how they use gambling for recreation. See About Us for more info.

Do you want to take effective action to enhance the health of the community you live in?

KCAGoG is calling new board members & digital media volunteers

Would you like to join a team of dedicated individuals, working to lessen the harms of gambling in Kings County?

While gambling is legal we know it is not without harms, and those harms are experienced not only by the individuals who gamble and their families, but also by the community as a whole. It can lead to increases in bankruptcies, domestic violence, embezzlement, costs of social services, mental health and addictions services.

Money spent in our communities on gambling activities is not there to support local businesses (four million dollars leaves the county each year in VLT revenue alone), yet the costs related to gambling harms are felt by all of our citizens. Youth and seniors are particularly vulnerable.

We know that Kings County is a vibrant community, made even stronger when we build on what connects us: the pursuit of good health, happiness and prosperity for ourselves, our families and our communities.  Join us as we work to help bring this about. If you are interested in finding out more about us, see our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kcagog/ or email .


Some Facts at Your Fingertips
(See the “Know the Facts” section of our site for more details.)

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  •  About 1,872 people in Kings County are experiencing significant harm because of their gambling.
  • According to a 2007 Prevalence Study2, more than 4, 967 residents in the Annapolis Valley are gambling at some level of risk.
  • Gambling harm is most damaging to the disadvantaged people in our county: the poor, senior citizens, youth, people dealing with other addictions and people with mental health problems5.
  • But like the ripple effect of a pebble thrown into a pond, gambling harm affects everyone in our community. It is estimated that for every gambler, ten others in his or her life are affected.
  • And every citizen in the county pays more taxes to cover the costs to social services, justice, health, mental health and addictions services – way more costs than the government receives in gambling revenues3.
  • About $4 million leaves Kings County every year from VLT revenues going to the province4. Imagine the economic impact for local business if there was that much extra money spent in the county each year!


1. Research shows that the neurochemical changes that occur in the brains of gambling addicts are the same as in people who are addicted to substances (for further information, see Sunderworth & Milkman [1991], “Behavioral and neurochemical commonalities in addiction” in Contemporary Family Therapy, Vol. 13, #5).

2. 2007 Nova Scotia Adult Gambling Prevalence Study (PDF)

3. Costs and Benefits of Gaming: A Literature Review with Emphasis on NS (GPI Atlantic, 2004) (PDF)

4. Information received by email on request from the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation (NSPLCC) for 2012.
[Note: their name was “Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC)” at that time.]

5. Annapolis Valley Health Gambling and Healthy Communities: Position Statement 2014. (PDF)

See also our Resources and Research sections.

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