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OUR VISION: Healthy Communities Free of Gambling Harm

To reduce gambling harms in Kings County

– To increase awareness of the impact of gambling harm in Kings County

– To support local businesses and organizations to decrease their reliance on gambling revenues

– To envision a future without a dependence on gambling revenues

The Kings Community Action Group on Gambling (KCAGoG) is a newly minted organization mandated to raise awareness regarding harms associated with gambling, to make people aware that there is a gambling problem in Kings County, and to seek to influence the shape of gambling in Kings County in the future.

Members of  KCAGoG have adopted the motto “In my backyard”. They want local citizens to have a say in the direction legislation on gambling will take; they want local government to take ownership of this problem in our county. By doing so, the group feels people will have control over what is happening close to home, affecting the well-being of their own community.

We believe that the most serious harms in Kings County occur from the use of VLT machines, often called the “crack cocaine of gambling” because of how easy it is to become dependent on them. We are NOT an anti-gambling organization. We seek to reduce harms. We seek to work in conjunction with local business, local organizations and local government to raise awareness of the harms of VLT machines and to help move these entities towards alternate business plans and revenue streams that are not harmful to their customers, their members, their citizens. We see ourselves as partners and allies to all three groups, not as adversaries. We have a strong board with a variety of skills, training and interests.

If you are interested in volunteering with KCAGoG, contact us! If your organization would like to partner with us, contact us!